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30 December 2008


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RVAjazz - Freddie Hubbard (1938-2008)

[...]Legendary trumpeter Freddie Hubbard died yesterday in the early morning from complications of a heart attack suffered on November 26...Darcy James Argue gives a great obituary at Secret Society[...]

Ethan Iverson

Your "Threnodies" are always so valuable.

Nice call on "One Finger Snap." I was reminded of this while reading your post: Because Hubbard's first chorus of improvisation is so lyrical - and because it is written out in the Real Book - most musicians play more Hubbard than Hancock when they cover "One Finger Snap!" (The original Hancock melody is only four bars long.)


Ethan is right about how Freddie's first chorus on "One Finger Snap" became the "official" head of the tune. I thought of mentioning it myself, but the post was so damn long already... Anyway, a killing solo from start to finish.

Will Yager

Great obit

glen - junior drum expert

On Finger Snap - the solo is definitely the memorable part. He takes it and runs with it. Lots of fun in that piece

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