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30 September 2005

Oct 25 - Bowery Poetry Club

Tuesday, 25 October, 2005 - 10 PM
Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery)

Erica vonKleist
Will Vinson
Donny McCaslin
Sam Sadigursky
Josh Sinton

Ingrid Jensen
Jon Owens
Brian Pareschi
Tom Goehring
Dave Rezek

Ryan Keberle
Mark Patterson
Mike Fahie
Darrell Hendricks

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Mike Holober, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass
Jon Wikan, drums

Your humble ringleader is, of course, very pleased to announce the induction of some new co-conspirators: the impish Will Vinson, the robust Donny McCaslin, the intrepid Josh Sinton, the unshakeable Jon Owens, the knavish Ryan Keberle, the rough-hewn Darrell Hendricks, the cunning Matt Clohesy will all be making their Secret Society debut.

Two sets, including a premiere or two. Check back for updates.


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