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26 October 2005

Nov 2 - CBGB Lounge

Wednesday, 02 November, 2005 - 10 PM
CBGB Lounge (313 Bowery)
Dan Willis
Peter Van Huffel
Jason Rigby
Sam Sadigursky
Ed Renz

Ingrid Jensen
Brian Pareschi
Tom Goehring
Miki Hirose
Matt Peterson

Ryan Keberle
Mike Fahie
Paul Olenick
Dale Turk

Sebastian Noelle, guitar
Mike Holober, piano
Matt Clohesy, bass
Jon Wikan, drums

We welcome the fresh blood of co-conspirators Dan Willis -- a Pulse alumnus -- Jason Rigby of Trio Colossus, and the scorching lead trumpet of Matt Peterson, as well as the triumphant return of O.C.'s (Original Conspirators) Peter Van Huffel, Ed Renz, Miki Hirose and Paul Olenick.

"Wait… CB's? Aren't they dead yet?" you may be thinking. Fools! You cannot kill a being of CBGB's power with a mere eviction notice! They live yet, and may they live long. Come join us at the home of creative independent music for over 30 years.

Dee Pop, curator of the long-running CB's Lounge Freestyle Jazz series, opens for us at 8 PM, in a trio with Stephen Gaucci on tenor sax and William Parker on bass.


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