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22 March 2006



I just heard something by Henri Dutilleux, whom I'd never heard of before, on the radio, and really liked it, so I looked him up on < a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Dutilleux">wikipedia, and came upon the following: "'reverse variation' by which a theme is not exposed immediately but rather revealed gradually, appearing in its complete form only after a few partial, tentative expositions," which reminded me of this post. So there you go.


Hey godoggo,

I've been meaning to check me some Dutilleux. Thanks.


I am no music expert, so I drop my random notes on recent links.

1. Paavoharju. absolutely weird Finish psych folk-electronic-ambient...or whatever. Their music is captivating. Somebody has to explain to me why. Cause it sure doesn't sound like one of those super fancy construction to me. (eg. math rock) for example Pepe. A straight up song, but...rip yer soul.

Paavoharju - pepe

2. Jolie Holland next album sample tracks. Why? Limited voice range, simple lyrics. She doesn't do a lot of clever circus tricks, except the long legato and amazing phrasing... mellow and flowing gracefully.

Jolie Holland - spring time can kill you

3. I think in the end detail & craftmanship matters. That alone can do almost anything.

Patrice Larose - Namana

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