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27 April 2006



First he blogs,
then there is swag,
then he actually makes more money than doing a gig,


..I see pattern here.

(trust me, this things goes pretty quickly)


and ...

what's the deal with excerpt? full tracks or no deal. gotta tell the promoter. Nobody on the blog does excerpt anymore, cause nobody will listen to excerpt.



In addition to the free album track I mentioned, the complete versions of many of Corey's other songs are also freely downloadable -- see here. And here. The excerpts I posted are just long enough to illustrate the points I make in my review, and are hopefully representative enough to give listeners a sense of whether they want to pick up the album.

Everyone loves the gratis, but if we want independent art, we gotta support independent artists.


no, no... I didn't mean "Here are freebies. That's all dear reader needs to know. bye now"

but it really is how thing goes. Nobody click on excerpts. I tried it a couple of time and look around other blogs, excerpts annoy people for some reason.

The way I see it. It's better to put one full song, plus give audiance write up about the entire album. Audiance gets the best picture that hopefully that leads to 'buying' the album. Unhappy reader is bad potential customer. If all links are in one place, readers are more compeled to behave as you imagined. (eg. clicking on e-store, or go to artist homepage)

Cryptogramaphone for eg. gives 3-4 tracks away from each album, and their albums consistently sell in indie jazz store. People love linking and talking about them.

I think the only excerpt I ever enjoy is done by mono (it's a 6 minutes excerpt of a 13 minutes song. It's done with fade out etc. instead of abrup cut off)

The reason I made the blurb, there aren't that many real Jazz bloggers on the net. (ala indie rock scene) and there is almost no real jazz audioblog that reviews new material. They are either blurb about past/historical albums, text only review, or illegal album posters.



People are, of course, free to ignore the excerpts and read the review without them. If my review intrigues them, they might decide to go get the freebie tracks offered on Corey's site. But this isn't an audioblog and never will be. Think of the reviews as text-only reviews, with optional audio clips.


ah ok nevermind. I thought you will be doing standard audioblog review for a period, instead of text. (you know, the kind promoter come knocking at mailbox asking for CD review)

more substantive note, Corey Dargel is interesting. Very fashionable, it has some aspect what makes Sufjan Stevens a hit. Overall my simplistic reaction is ...It's Anthony and Johnson doing Sufjan Steven. Very Jaga Jazzist/Final Fantasy like texture.



OK, inspired by Mwanji's post today, I bit the towel and listened to the 1st 2 samples. One word: bleh.


Hey Godoggo,

Far be it from me to get all Kyle Gann on your ass, but... well, look, in no way do I want to stifle open and lively debate on this blog, but if you're going to take the trouble to pan someone (especially a relative unknown), it might be more... interesting, let's say... if you elaborated a little bit about what's not working for you, and why not.

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