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15 May 2006



darn it anybody has recording? No Jo actually might be a good punker if she channel her lyrical writing to punk sensibility. (Not that she can scream and say FU audiance and the world we live in)

maybe Faux lounge punk then?


There used to be audio on the El Madmo home page, but that was hastily removed this weekend once the story broke on all the blogs. I actually feel kind of bad for NoJo -- she just wants to screw around with what sounds like a fun side project, but now that the cat's out of the bag, it seems her extracurricular activities are being curtailed...


Well, Sucka Pants had the El Madmo MP3's for a New York minute, but they have now been "(removed at the request of the artist)".

But, hey, El Madmo are on MySpace now -- sadly, no audio.


well, it'll turn up somewhere. I am very curious now. I wonder what's No Jo's logic tho'. She goes out performing with pretty well known underground band. Of course people will notice her. (plus she said thank you audiance etc. on her blog.... )

maybe I should email Pele, just to tease out some info. ..


incidentally, maybe NoJo hates some of the more swirly online rumor, about her blue notes stuff being a bit boring. But her second album sold by the boat load. Obviously somebody thinks her albums are worth buying.

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