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03 May 2006



sorry to be all over your blog suddenly... anyway, now i understand why the latest sleater-kinney record (which is the first one i like; normally i'm not a fan of theirs) sounds so lousy on the stereo. it totally distorts, even at a moderate volume. how sad.


Hey Andrea,

Thanks for hanging out & commenting -- you can be all over my blog anytime.


It's a sign of time. A little faddish IMHO, but seeing what people like to post, the whole thing will snap right back to pristine/crystal clear electronica and accoustic. Think early day of electronica, except far better composition.

Arctic Monkeys and the like are a little saturated. Their bag of tricks have filtered down to smaller lesser known acts.


Great to know another person recognise this really annoying problem. I'm in the process of trying to establish a anti-loudness war organisation. The idea behind it is to expose the problem and educate, if you are interested in contributing drop me a mail and i'll explain in more detail the idea behind the site and how i plan to target the public! take care!

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