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25 May 2006



What's sul tasto?

From the blog you linked to:
"The room is seated with rows of metal chairs; this unexpected twist automatically puts the audience in the position of movie-viewers, or perhaps academics. It will inevitably force more attention to the footage than to the music."

Sounds like fodder for Greg Sandow! :)


What's sul tasto?

Bowing on the instrument's fingerboard. It suppresses the upper partials that make bowed string instruments sound "thick" and instead creates an etheral flutelike sound. The opposite is sul ponticello (i.e., bowing very close to the bridge) which suppresses the fundamental pitch in favor of all those wild 'n crazy upper partials.


Thanks for the explanation. I've seen/heard the ponticello quite often, but never the tasto. I'll have to ask the bassist to demonstrate next time I have a chance!

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