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11 May 2006


Landon Roberts

one more to add:


one of John's students no less...

in his blog!


Thanks Landon -- I would have missed Armen's post otherwise (his blog doesn't have an RSS feed so it doesn't get indexed).


Thanks for the link. I'm going to update my most recent post about John Hicks with a link back here, as you've done such a fine job rounding up the coverage of his passing.

You might also be interested in this obituary from the St. Louis American, a weekly that covers the local African-American community, as it includes quotes from some St. Louis folks who knew John:


Despite his having moved away in the 1960s, John still had many fans and friends in St. Louis, and it was a real pleasure to hear him play whenever he came to town. He will be missed.


Thanks for the tip, Dean -- I updated the post.

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