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20 May 2006



Smiling in the sunlight
Laughing in the rain

As much of a scary fascist McCain is, I thought what he said was fairly banal, more like "debate those with whom you disagree; don't just shout them down."

Anyways if you think protests are for somehow going to become more effective than the massive ones that preceded the war, all I can say, with all sincerity, is more power to you.


...and, of course, it was a stump speech, the same as the one he gave to the presumably conservative audience at Liberty University.


Yes -- as Jean herself noted, he gave the same speech at Liberty and Columbia. I'm not sure why that's being cited in his defense though -- something to do with his bullshit "straight talk" branding and "not being afraid to say the same thing to conservative students." Whatever.

It's incredibly lame to tell a roomful of graduating university students (yes, even "Liberty" "University" "students") that all their hard work amounts to nothing, and the diploma they are about to receive is worthless, because they are all simply too young to have an informed opinion on anything, and they ought rather to listen politely and attentively to their betters. Like, for example, John McCain. Despite the fact that the senator was demonstrably, mendaciously, catastrophically wrong about the Iraq war, and those who opposed it, including the "young and hopelessly naive" antiwar students in his audience, were right all along.

It's also pretty weak to recycle exactly same convocation speech that you already posted to your website. Like you said, it was a stump speech, not a convocation speech, and the students were entirely right to be angry that McCain was using their graduation day as a photo-op for his presidential run.

Street protests are great -- I've certainly participated in my share -- but there's also something to be said for an ordinary person who has the gonads to stand up and call McCain out on his hypocrisy directly to his face. He is still -- still -- the DC media's golden boy, and if they won't confront him, it's up to the rest of us to rise to the occasion, as Jean did.


Ah, well, I'm not going to bend over backward to defend the dude -as I said, I think he's scary in many ways - but I'm just not seeing what you've read into the speech - he is not saying that the young should blindly follow the old - rather that often unwarranted arrogance is a natural characteristic of youth. True.

I appreciate nuance and humility in my political thinkers. That's why my favorites tend to be kind of old - even the radicals.


Read part of McCain's speech. He hijacked the graduates' day, they rightly tried to hijack it back.

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