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28 June 2006

BMI Jazz Composers Workshop - July 6 @ Merkin Hall


On July 6 at Merkin Hall, the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop presents its annual concert showcasing this year's best works. This will be my fourth consecutive appearance at BMI's year-end shebang, where I will present a freshly revised version of "Induction Effect." This will also be my last hurrah with the BMI Workshop -- I've enjoyed my four-year stint (including one spent commuting in from Boston) and learned a tremendous amount, from workshop directors Jim McNeely and Mike Abene and also from my fellow participants, but now it's time for me to move on and make room for the new blood.

The concert also features the premiere of Sherisse Rogers's Manny Albam commission, and also new music by Secret Society co-conspirator Tom Goehring (who is, BTW, among the nominees for the Charlie Parker Jazz Prize this year) and many other worthy up-and-coming composers: Javier Arau, Jon Schapiro, Asuka Kakitani, Jeff Fairbanks, Bryan Knox, Ann Belmont, Andrew Rathbun, and Michele Caniato.

Best of all, it's free. Come on out and enjoy the fresh, crispy tunes.


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