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16 June 2006



I can't speak for the hip hop fans, but personally I find that explosive expressions of anger provide temporary relief for my physical pain. Since the top pain doc I saw on Tuesday assures me that at this point all I need is some good physical therapy, I expect to be exploding periodically for the next half year or so.


That said (and, also, I will try not to be jerky, but it is really a struggle for me), I think any analysis whose purpose is aesthetic (as opposed to technical analysis meant to help understand how an artist achieves his effects) will ultimately fail, because the essence of music, to me, is inspiration, which defies analysis by its nature. Presumably this has been pointed out by some famous philospher whom I've never read.


I think I meant intuition not inspiration.



If that's the case, why do you read this blog?

Also, when you say that aesthetic analysis will ultimate fail, what do you mean, exactly? Obviously, (almost) nobody thinks there is One True Interpretation, but isn't the goal of aesthetic analysis to shed new light on a piece of music, to make you look at it from a perspective you've perhaps not previously considered? Have you really never read a piece of criticism that's succeeded in doing this for you?


Yes, I have read a piece of criticism that's succeeded in doing that for me.

I guess the key word is "ultimately." I mean you can analyze the machine but not the ghost in it. What makes music live is what the composer/performer himself doesn't understand.

I read blogs because they're interesting. Probabably not too healthy in excess though, like analyzing music. Swimming is apparently what I should be doing in my free time, and I believe they've got a pool down at 西來大學, where I'll be working this summer. Digressing, ain't I?

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