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18 June 2006



Great review, Darcy, and my quibble with GK is that I find his endings arrive either too abruptly or never really feel like endings. This is apparent on the first few charts on "Live in Barcelona." But he gets a great ensemble sound (and on the record he has 3 tenor players that sound like a full sax section), and has some really intriguing ideas melodically. My favourite piece of his is "El Espejo."


Cool review. Was it easier to keep a band together back in the day? If the music can improve quite a lot over a week, imagine where it could be as a working band (general comment not limited to GK).

As for the bass solo after a head of steam has been built up, I've thought exactly the same thing, for other musicians. Seems an odd choice.


imagine where it could be as a working band

Indeed. This is something I spend quite a lot of time imagining.


Very interesting. I would love to see him live. I've been listening to Los Guachos III and his Live in Barcelona CD over the last few months and love the combo of jazz, the downtown NY sound and Latin rhythms. (Have still to listen attentively to UNA NAVE.) I enjoy Latin jazz, but most of it comes from the Caribbean and the tropics, where the rhythmic influences are salsa, cumbia, son, merengue, etc. Klein is from Argentina and his sensibility is quite different.

Gabriel M

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