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13 July 2006


It's only happened a few times, but I've been approached by fans asking me to sign a CD-R. They don't understand the humor of that.

and I hate to be the cruel one who points it out, but I dare say that SC doesn't see the humour in that! His fan was handing him the future, and he spat it back, and that's too bad. In the meantime, Jessica Simpson is reeling in cash selling a share-friendly MP3 that inserts her young fans' names into the mix, which may sound cheesey to some, but it totally defeats the CD-R because it accepts that people buy moments and memories, not swag and product. If one of my fans ever came up with a bootleg for me to sign, I'd be tickled that they thought enough of what it held to want to make it special to their heart. That's a gift they brought him, not 'theft'.

btw, DJA, love your blog, it shines out like a shaft of gold when all else is dark, an example for bandblogs everywhere to tune in and get with life in conversation with our fans. Bravo, well done.


Actually, it was DD who didn't see the humour. If it's simply a burn of a friend's or a library's copy of one of his albums, how is that "the future"?

If the fan bought mp3s off Greenleaf or iTunes, then it's different.


Thanks indeed for the kind words, mrG. But I'm with Mwanji here:

how is that "the future"?

Sadly, that is "the future" -- or actually, more like "the present." It's just not a sustainable future, unless you envision a world where only the Jessica Simpsons, etc, are able to make a living in music.

And more to the point... can you imagine someone showing up at a book signing with a stack of photocopies?

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