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22 August 2006


Corey Dargel

For a supposedly progressive ensemble, AWS's programming certainly lacks a forward-looking curatorial vision. Byrne's input notwithstanding, these are pretty ordinary ho-hum names. The only new faces are composers who also happen to be members of the ensemble, and while there's nothing wrong with that, it's so much less than visionary.

Also, Caleb Burnhams is a sweetheart, but putting his name in the lineage of Reich's legacy, now that's just absurd!


Hey Corey,

My understanding (and keep in mind, I may be wrong on this... ) is that AWS was originally intended to be primarily a vehicle for the compositions of the players in the group. But in order to build their reputation, they found they had to de-emphasize their "originals" in favor of more "respectable" new music repertoire.

Now that they've had some success, it seems they are moving somewhat towards their original vision by performing more works by the composers in the ensemble, and it's hard to begrudge them that. I think we would both like to see them take more chances with younger and lesser-known composers beyond the usual suspects, but I also think it's fair that the guys in the band get first dibs.

Corey Dargel

Agreed. Thanks, Darcy.


At least spell my name correctly.
Also, Steve picked my piece for that program.

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