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04 September 2006



Who's Newton oft-maligned by? Are your referring to the Beasty Boys thing or something else. My impression is that he is more ignored (and, as always, I encourage people to check out the generous sampling of music on his site).

Also, I actually didn't mean to imply that anti-California bias was at work. I've certainly heard enough anti-L.A. remarks by N.Y. musicians (including some well-known ex-Angelinos), but I think the bias is more institutional, i.e. NY is the jazz center of the world; it's the main place where musicians go specifically for the purpose of playing jazz (as opposed to that smaller number of great jazz musicians who choose to reside here for perhaps largely non-musical reasons); the jazz industry, such as it is, is centered there, including the jazz press, which is no more or less provincial than any other local scene, with the result that non-NY musicians are likely to be underrated if they're rated at all, and NY musicians to be comparatively overrated in some cases.


Who's Newton oft-maligned by?

People who have only heard his new-agey stuff. Before your post, I'd had no idea Newton had been involved in more musically substantial projects.

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