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15 September 2006



Great opening comments on the differences/similarities between the two trios.


Fantastic review, man, both for context-setting and as a straight description of the show(s). I love both these groups, and were I not stranded in the Upper Midwest, I'd try to see all of the Blue Note shows. (I did get to see TBP a couple years ago in Minnneapolis, and it was a great show.) Well done.

Jeff Jackson

Great review. Sounds like a fantastic double bill - just the sort of the thing The Blue Note should do more often. Thanks for the in-depth play-by-play as well as the send up of each group's reputation with lazy critics.

BTW, I'm right there with you in your burning hatred of Rush. Beyond awful. Their only artistic merit is the fact that Geddy Lee was once mentioned in a Pavement lyric.


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