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20 September 2006



I noted the same thing, as well as the following line, (roughly) "no art form should have to live up to this." I think jazz has already crumbled under their weight, which is why anti-jazz jokes are funnier than anything pro-jazz could be.

As for "Jazz Idol," I think it's the other way around: Idol is just the Chopin Piano competition (or whatever), adapted to modern technology and a mass audience.


The thing is that, whereas you might say that some artists are over-praised compared to other ones, there are very very few who are not overrated compared to the rest of the music world. I don't think that the Marsalises, say, are overrated in the scheme of things. I don't even think Zorn, whose music I happen to dislike generally, is overrated in the scheme of things. That's why I tend to be more interested in giving a thumbs up to what I like, and hope that people who share my taste will take note.


Sorry, must preview henceforth. "some jazz artists."


...and, more to the point, when I read reviews, what I value most is a pattern of what I consider to be good taste, as opposed to good prose.



Ratliff wasn't talking about positive reviews of specific performers or performances, he was talking about overwrought, insincere praise for jazz writ large -- you know the "American cultural treasure, metaphor for democracy" stuff.


"there are very very few who are not overrated compared to the rest of the music world"

Do you really mean that, or the opposite (as the next sentence suggests)?

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