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21 September 2006



Hi, Im Talia. Thanks for the link, and FYI, there is no music of past or present that moves me more than that of the magical and all powerful Pearl Jam!! :)


Hey Talia,

Thanks for commenting. In case you're checking back in, I'd be curious to know what the people you were with thought of the show as well-- did you guys share mostly the same reactions, or was there something you liked that your friends didn't, etc?

Also, much respect to Pearl Jam.


I was there with two other people, one of them is a friend of Ronen's and thats how I found out about it. My friends had pretty much the same impression that I did, but they were surprised that I have it a B (they would have given it a slightly lower score). I think we felt Nels's performance was a bit long and he didn't really display his talent for playing guitar.

Im always up for new things though, so Im glad I went.


It's always struck me as kind of funny how heavily he's gotten into electonics, considering that he played pretty strictly acoustic when he first started getting notice here in L.A.

Anyway, everybody has his favorite Nels. Personally I prefer quasi-jazz Nels to radical experimental Nels or rocker Nels.


I wish I was there to see Nels.

At anyrate, how come no avant-garde who use guitar musician start performing using that digital guitar?

I was hoping by now somebody already created some exotic sound texture like never before.

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