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13 October 2006



Which ones do you have, exactly? I've been thinking of getting some, but didn't know which brand actually worked. I never put the volume past 50%, ambient noise or no, but I'd like to have more detailled sound.

Ever been to Paris? Their subway and regional trains are nearly silent. Makes you wonder.


If it hasn't already been done, someone should do a similar study for the Montreal métro. One doesn't seem appreciably louder than the other, to me. I've given up on listening to music on any form of mass transit - either because of mechanical noise, the bus driver's personal radios, or other passengers' iPods interfere with my listening.

This ties in interestingly with the trend of über-super-over-compression...


I've got the same shure e series and they're about as good as the in-ear monitors I use on tour. Some days I don't even realize the subway has arrived till its rushing past me. Well worth the $99 (for this iPod junky of course).


Which ones do you have, exactly?

I have the Shure E4c's, but all of the Shure E series earphones use the same tips, so I assume the sound isolation is basically the same across the line.

I find the disposable foam tips by far the most comfortable and the easiest to get a good seal with. The downside is that they tend to get all caked with earwax and need to be changed regularly, so you need to keep a stock of replacement tips on hand. It's so worth it, though.

I haven't been to Paris since high school so I don't really remember much about the Métro, but the London Underground is both extremely quiet and improbably clean compared to the MTA system. On the other hand, the tube closes absurdly early. I've never understood why so many subway systems stop running well before the bars close.

Seth Gordon

(Dude! A Cop Shoot Cop reference! Sweet!)

I've got some in-the-ear Sonys that cost in the $100 neighborhood. I couldn't tell you the model number - got them at he Apple store if I remember correct. I don't ride the subway much, but at the gym they successfully block out the annoying dance mix that's always running. They sound quite good, but the leads themselves are a bit thin, and I keep thinking I'm going to break them. Haven't yet, though.

Regardless of their sound-blockingness, I still play them at near-or-full volume, and I'm sure I'll go deaf eventually on account of it. Oh well. I suspect I'm gonna be the kind of old person who hates everyone, so I figure when I'm old and all broke'd to pieces that I won't want to listen to what anyone has to say, anyway.

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