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14 November 2006



This guy was certifiably insane and looking for some attention. The media and the left(out)wing nuts are glorifying the man only because it is an easy exploint of their anti-GWOT/Bush Lied/Michael Moore rules through his drool agenda. Had he jumped in front of a train for PETA, sold his body parts to be removed when alive to support the ACLU, or jumped off a cliff for the Sierra Club, no one of you would have noticed or cared two endangered hoots. This is just exploitation and glorification of the mentally insane.....which puts all of you in the same boat.


I like how you were able to make the leap from one man's final, tragic act into a rant about PETA and Michael Moore. (Did you know he is fat? No, it's true, I swear.) And then blame "the left" for "exploitation" -- a valiant attempt at a Rovian reversal. But I think if you'd really been on the ball, you could have worked in a Rachel Corrie reference somehow. I give it 6/10 on the troll scale.

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