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06 November 2006


Amanda Marcotte

A-fucking-men. Anyone who trots out the "they're all bad" argument this time around is a fucking child.


You're right, of course, but I have to say that these dirty tricks do have me worried. Thank you for that phone number; I'll be posting it in comments elsewhere.


...specifically, Obsidian Wings, which is doing an excellent job at covering all this chicanery, and also makes the following comment:

There should be serious jail time in these people's future. I don't know enough about election law to know whether there will be, but it seems obvious to me that fines alone are not enough of a punishment for voter suppression. Campaigns can set aside money to pay fines; it's a lot harder for them to convince people to go to jail for a candidate*.

In my fantasies, our government decides to take the resources and jail cells it has used to combat marijuana use and devotes them all to catching, convicting, and imprisoning people who work against democracy, whether through voter suppression, accepting bribes, or any other form of public corruption. Parents warn their children not to grow up to be like Karl Rove and end up in jail, and not to let smooth-talking campaign operatives convince them that they can engage in just a little bit of underhanded election fraud, just this once, and they'll be able to quit any time. Organizations that pay for voter suppression are regarded the way we now regard drug gangs, and the people who work for them have to hide what they do from their friends and neighbors, because otherwise no one would speak to them. Their operatives have to stay underground, on the run, one step ahead of the law, knowing that each moment they spend at liberty could be their last.

Or, failing that, enough people become angry enough about this stuff that the people who engage in it are thrown out of office.

* PS: Guess who wrote a law providing for prison sentences for people who try to mislead voters about the time and place of federal elections, the qualifications for voting, etc? Just another "there he is again" moment. It's not clear to me, from the statute, whether the $100,000 fine/one year in jail penalty is per violation or not, but I hope so.

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