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02 December 2006



Darcy, the link to the zip is sending me to a TypePad login page.


Oops -- should be fixed now.


I agree with you about the solo. It fits just fine. I suspect Ratliff was just trying to strengthen the compliment. But fortunately, music isn't a zero sum game where you have to insult one thing in order to compliment another.

I'm glad Amanda linked you. I've been listening all afternoon.

Andrew Durkin

Another thing to consider (re: BR's comments on RW's solo) is the fact that he was going with his first impression: his impression of the solo as he heard it live. Nothing inherently wrong with that: that's what he was there for. But surely one of the lessons of recording technology is that when you can go back and re-listen to a given performance, you sometimes hear things that "weren't there" the first time. As you get to know a piece better, the context for listening can change, and suddenly a certain solo (or some other component) can make total sense.

This seems to me to be one of the central challenges of criticism, actually: how do you maintain critical authority while allowing that the human ear can, at times, be a very unreliable device (even among those of us who listen for a living)?

Anyway, it's a great review. Looking forward to checking out the tracks.


Thanks for the zip file to download.

Looking forward to hearing it.

Got here from pandagon to Majikthese to you.


David Higgs

Good stuff. Thanks for posting it.

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