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19 December 2006



Right on. That Yojimbo score is a gem, like Japanese Morricone.


"...Baby One More Time" is an awesome pop hit. Have you heard Mike Patton's (I think) version?

Andy H-D

High five 100% on the Yojimbo score, and I'm really embarassed that I blanked on Rzewski on my go 'round.

Also, I think the "...Baby One More Time" deconstruction might actually be the fault of the Zappa offspring. 'Cause if Patton did one, oh man...


Andy's right -- the widely-circulated Mike Patton(/Mr. Bungle) cover of "... Baby One More Time" isn't actually him, though I did not know that it was actually Dweezil and Ahmet's brainchild.

I also really like Richard Thompson's cover of "Oops! I Did It Again."


The Lewis Taylor acoustic album is out of control. Thanks for writing ritual or I might never have gotten around to checking him out


Great list. I am now officially embarrassed at the one I slapped together. TOTALLY agree re "Starfish and Coffee" and Stevie's drumming, which was always something I marveled at. I'm gonna plug another rock drummer here: Roxy Music's Paul Thompson -- see "Country Life." Huge sticks. Also big up for RT's "Oops."
Thanks for putting this up.


D- As usual, great stuff. I wish that NBC's "Football Night in America" theme was half as good as its Canadian equivalent. For all the money they spent, could it please NOT suck? I'm jealous. (And I'm not even talking about Pink's number. That's just embarrassing.)

Tom Lunt

Jesus, I'm just so thrilled to discover someone covering actual music that in addition to crapping my pants, I can barely write. But I'll offer, for a film score, "Henry Fool", for a melody, Brian Wilson's "Don't Talk, Put Your Head On My Shoulder" or Liam Hayes' "Born Together", for a smash hit "Dancing Queen", for a rhythmic feel, Jarrett, Haden & Motian on "Gypsy Moth" and my computer's about to croak so I'll come back later.

Now I must go launder my drawers.

Tom Lunt

Okay, classical piece, Valentin Silvestrov's "Metamusik", book on music, "Four Jazz Lives" by A.B. Spellman, Hip Hop Track, "Apache", the Sugarhill Gang, harmonic language, "Song Cycle", Van Dyke Parks, Jazz Album, John Coltrane, "The Africa Brass Sessions," non-american folkloric group, Vartina, surprising albums I loved when I was developing as a musician, "Herman's Hermits On Tour", "Lady Coryell", "Harry Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall", underrated guitarist, Phil Judd, rock or pop album I wish had been a smash commercial hit (but wasn't, not really): "#1 Record", Big Star, a fave drummer and the album on which to hear him, Paul McCartney on The Steve Miller Band's Brave New World, "My Dark Hour".


I remember a long time ago there was some sports show that had Don Ellis's "Final Analysis" as the theme song. That was pretty cool, I thought.

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