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17 January 2007



Sounds great as always, Darcy. Wish I could have been there. Did Jon have electronic triggers on his kit? There's an electronic wind/whistling sound on every snare hit on "Habeas Corpus," and in the rock section of "Transit." Inquiring minds want to know.


Yeah, that.That's not deliberate or anything. The sound tech at the BPC was supposed to keep the percussion mic closed for every tune except "Phobos," but he evidently forgot, because whenever Jon starts to hit the kit hard, the cajon behind him starts to vibrate. Since it's hooked up to delay and wah pedals, the processed sound goes out through the PA and that's what you hear. I don't think it was too bad in the house -- at least, nobody mentioned it, and I couldn't hear it at all from where I was standing -- but for whatever reason, my mics seemed to zero in on it and it's really prominent on the recording.


Heh. The vagaries of live recording, right? It works in the tunes, though. It reminded me of the filter-swept opening to Hollenbeck's "Just Like Him" on the Graz recording.

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