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07 January 2007



It's a tough call between this and the Dewey Redman service at St. Peters referenced here - especially since I've really been wanting to see Kris Tiner after Dave Douglas lauded him so heavily during FONT.

I'm in NY infrequently, so I might head to the memorial given the insane lineup of inside & outside guys.

Kris Tiner

Hi Matt - the same group is playing tonight at Bowery Poetry Club, and then a bit different lineup in Brooklyn on Thurs. night. Info here: http://www.kristiner.com/performances.html

Looking forward to the big show on Sunday, Darcy - and my belated compliments on your blog. You seem to know what you're doing, more than I can say for myself...


Hey Kris,

Your blog is killing! I'm especially enjoying your impressions of NYC. I will definitely be blogrolling Stop The Play And Watch The Audience next time I get around to updating the old sidebar.

See you Sunday, if not before.


Hi Darcy,
You mention playing Hemphill's "Dogon". I have a rotten ear & I just can't transcribe it right-even with "slowdown" software. Do you know where I could find a transcription?-just the head & changes. Like all JH's work thinga are not as straightforward as they first sound!
thanks in anticipation,

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