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23 March 2007


Mike Baggetta

Good luck with your myriad approaching ventures D...I'll have to slightly alter my morning blog ritual for the next few months!

Adam Baratz

Thanks for all the good reading. Try not to stay gone too long!


I think that last sentence is perhaps a wee bit uncharitable….

You’re right of course: I was being unreasonable. (Marsalis seems, on occasion, to brings out the worst in me.)

S, tig


Hm, interesting that that review of the Empty Cage disc has received some comments on the criticism of the sound-quality. I've left a more detailed comment on Andrew Durkin's blog. But really, if you've heard the disc you'll understand that it's not minor nitpicking--the sound is really extremely poor. I usually try to give self-produced sessions & small labels a break on such issues--in part because I assume that most potential buyers of a CD are hardcore fans & aren't troubled by minor cosmetic issues--but there's a point at which one's duty to play fair with the reader/potential purchaser steps in.


Hi Nate,

"Gripe" was a poor choice of words. Obviously, if the sound quality bugs you, it's well within your prerogative as reviewer to mention it. I was just pointing out that an artist considering releasing a homebrew recording like this one has to be prepared to accept that fidelity is going to be an issue for some critics. Which is one reason why some artists are reluctant to go this route.

The paradox is that an artist who is just starting out, someone who doesn't have any official releases to their name and is unfamiliar to most record reviewers, is at a stage in their career where they can least afford to finance a pristine-sounding high-quality studio record. But -- since first impressions matter -- they can least afford not to.

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