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11 May 2007




I was lucky enough to be at the performance Friday night. Your arrangements suited Lizz and her band so well - Soon As I Get Home in particular was simply gorgeous. I hope you're called on for the new album.

All the best,



Hey Jerry,

Thank you so much for your comment -- I'm delighted you enjoyed the music. "Soon As I Get Home" was fun to write because I was able to slip in all kinds of references to the original Broadway scoring. I knew there would be a ton of people in the crowd who (like Lizz) grew up on The Wiz cast album and would appreciate the nod. I did a kind of similar thing on "Old Man" (only this time, I was indulging myself, since that's a tune I grew up on), where the straight D minor guitar lick from Lizz's recording eventually morphs back into Neil Young's original chord progression.

As far as I know, Lizz's new record is pretty much in the can at this point, but I would certainly love to work with her again, should the opportunity arise.

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