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14 June 2007



Is it just me, or is your new camera a lot better than the old one? The third photo (McHenry?) is classic!


Thanks Mwanji.

Prior to this year, I'd been using a Pentax Optio 330GS, which was not the greatest for this kind of thing. My girlfriend then got me a Canon SD800 for Christmas, which is much, much better for taking concert shots because it has image stabilization and you can take it up to 1600 ISO. This is the camera I used at Maria Schneider's recording session and the IAJE conference. Then it got pinched on the last day of IAJE.

Much to my amazement, though, the credit card purchase protection claim we filed actually came through (in like, late March), and I was able to replace the SD800. As you can see, it does a nice job.

Clever Bastards


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