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17 June 2007



nice pics

Amanda Marcotte

Oh fun. I totally agree about Apples in Stereo; I never got the fuss.


Awesome pics- do you mind if I link to you from my blog? I went to the show, but didn't get any pics. I'm glad somebody else appreciated how great the Television set was.


Excellent review! (and nice pics)

By the way, I was also singing "did you feel low" during Venus (though not "huh)

If you REALLY want to see a classic performance of Venus, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJYdC20gjb0



DJA: Enjoyed your comments on Television live. Very frustrating to hear so many people think of Verlaine's solos as just musical wanking. For more recorded live stuff, try to find Television Live NYC at the Academy 12.4.92, at one time a cd sold by the band at their shows. I think it has the best performances and sound recording quality ever. Also try disc 1 of The Miller's Tale/A Tom Verlaine Anthology: Verlaine recorded live in London in '82 with Jimmy Ripp. The live version of Clear It Away will knock you out!

Maggie Osterberg

I'll second Gary's comments and second the love for the photos, too!

A tip o' my Jazzmaster to you for the Television coverage; thanks!


Good stuff here! I look forward to hearing what you wrote about Richard Thompson.


Hey Josh,

I'm afraid we had to wimp out on RT when the skies opened. Neither of us was remotely dressed for the storm. Still, I'd gotten drenched earlier and might even have been up for staying, but Lindsay was worried about her gear bag, which was rapidly getting soaked through. She's got a few pictures over here, though.

The band sounded fucking great for those first two tunes, though, and the setlist is unreal. I've seen RT solo and duo a few times already, but I really want to see the full band again (preferably indoors).

mercedes benzedrine

"Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to pair these guys with Television?"

I mean right ??? unfreegin'beleagueable !
AiS was mediocre at best, and every time that singer opened his yap I was like "isn't this guy missing math class ?".
nerds really shouldn't be allowed to "rock out" on anything other than PCs in dorm rooms & interweb cafes ( and no macs either ! ).

television was mostly great, but needless-to-say less than stellar w/o richard. been following them ( when available ) since the 1st time I saw them play in a little soho restaurant in '76. be a drag were this in fact their last gig.
irregardless, richard, get well soon, m'brother.

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Dave Sez

Many thanks for the pics! A recording and many others by Television (Incl Academy 1992 mentioned above) can be found here:


Cheers, Dave Sez.

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