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20 July 2007



Excellent, but why "one of the greatest"?

Did you see the clip of Marvin Gaye singing the US national anthem? Despite (or maybe because of) the cheesiness of the music, that's arguably one of the great filmed vocal performances.


Excellent, but why "one of the greatest"?

I am in awe of Glen's voice. His poise and commitment and pacing, his ability to -- without any apparent effort -- take complete control of the P-Funk madhouse astounds me. Listen to how hard everyone else in the band is listening to Glen and responding to him. There's a good chance that at the time this was recorded, he knew he was dying. I find Glen Goins absolutely fascinating to watch and listen to, and I think if he'd lived and gone on to a solo career, he would be remembered as one of the great soul singers.

Obviously, Marvin is the greatest, and that "Star-Spangled Banner" clip you mention is indeed astonishing.

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