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26 July 2007


Jack Wright

You *should* be proud to be a part of Sky Blue. It's beautiful and rich from concept to completion (even the packaging is lovely). It is, typically, a hell of an achievement.

My employer is presenting Maria and orchestra this season, so my motives are certainly open to question. But my enthusiasm for her work and this recording are genuine. So as a consumer and music lover I thank you for your work on Sky Blue.



I got mine in the mail yesterday and was so pleased to see your photos in the second booklet! What a great experience it was to be at that recording. That is wonderful you have your name in the credits, and I was happy to see my name listed in the thank you's!



Mine was shipped out on the 23rd, but has yet to arrive...


what exactly is she doing in the cover pic?
just curious. It's kinda wierd.


Hey James,

Have you ever seen her conduct? That's a total Maria gesture -- although I can see that it might look a bit contrived, if you hadn't seen her do it a million times in front of her band.

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