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08 October 2007



I couldn't agree more with your thoughts about the concert. LCD Soundsystem was much better than Arcade Fire on Randall's Island. Now I saw Arcade Fire a few months ago at Radio City Music Hall. That show was FANTASTIC. The sound was great and the band was tight. But Win and the rest of them sounded raggedy on Saturday night. For someone like me who os into jazz and expects a little professionalism, I felt let down. I mean, it's not like Arcade Fire can't play. They just can't do it every night, I guess. Of course, the crowd was singing along and loved every minute of it. Randall's Island was a zoo, too. Hey, Darcy, love your music!


actually I reread your post more carefully and saw that you thought AF was tight on Oct. 6. But I was glad to see someone agreed with me that LCD S. stole the show!


Hey Devin,

"Tight" is relative -- having never seen AF before I don't really have anything to compare this show to, but, you know, Funeral is kind of a raggedy record (which is, after all, part of its charm). I thought the "Live at Randall's" versions of "Power Out" and "Laika" were noticeably more solid than the album cuts. That said, "Black Mirror" was a near-trainwreck. But it's not really possible for me to be objective about the show, since I've been looking forward to seeing AF for so long and was pretty amped just to finally hear those songs done live.

On the other hand, if you measure tightness in absolute terms, LCD is a world apart. Absolutely stunning musicianship.

How did you get to/from Randall's? Kelly and I walked over the Triborough, which seemed like the least painful option. Getting there was a breeze, getting back maybe a bit less so, but those buses looked like the ninth circle of hell.

PS Thanks for listening, Devin!

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