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06 November 2007



I am all for unions, but let's just all pray that this doesn't effect future seasons of Lost. Lost's spot on the air is already tenuous, and if that show got canceled before its conclusion, I don't know what I would do.


We all have shows we can't imagine doing without... I imagine the final season of The Wire is in the can by now, but obviously I would be very disappointed if the series was somehow scuttled before it could be finished. And I think the absence of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report during the height of the 2008 primary season is in fact a huge loss for the country. But I don't blame the people who actually create these shows for the current situation. I blame the corporations who won't give the writers a fair share of the profit from their own creative work -- creative work that makes the owners of those corporations incredibly rich.


Is the final example in your quote a frequent occurrence? It seems unbelievable.


Hey Mwanji,

It's definitely a frequent occurrence, especially for up-and-coming country or pop artists that mostly record songs written by others.

Ed Shamgochian

Thanks for this detailed perspective and eye-opening article. For a fellow AFM member's thoughts on the WGA strike, check out these two articles: The Don't-Get-Involved AFM and More Thoughts on the Don't-Get-Involved AFM. (And thanks to Matt Plummer for sending me here.)

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