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17 December 2007


Account Deleted

Hello Mr. Argue,
I wanted to say a quick "Thanks" to you for posting all the live performances of your original compositions. I find your music to be engaging, enlightening, and extremely creative. I currently reside in an area of the United States (Fargo, ND) in which there is not a plethora of improvisatory-based creative music such as yours to experience first hand. So, I always look forward to listening to the new recordings of your music along with your outstanding co-conspirators. Thanks again, and good luck at the 2008 IAJE concert - your music definitely deserves to be broadcast to an audience of that stature!

Grant Larson


Hi Grant,

Thank you so much for your kind words. This will sound kind of hokey, but listen -- the communicative power of the internets is still a wonder to me. If I had been doing this just 10 years ago, no one outside of a tiny circle of the NYC new jazz audience would ever have been aware of anything we did. It is always an incredible kick to learn that this music has reached other parts of the country. Or other countries. It means a lot. Thanks for listening, Grant.

Peter Matthews

Great show, Darcy. Totally blew me away. GL on the northern tour.


Hey Darcy,

You mention "AustralianS" up there and last I checked there was only one...hmmm.

Twas a great gig anyhow. Sorry I didn't stick around to say hi. Will do twice as much hi-ing next time I see you.

Merry Christmas!


Hey Christy,

I've found it is wise to keep a mindful eye on your shifty, convict-descended, snow-phobic, Chopper-Reid-quoting countrymen just as a general policy.

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