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30 May 2008



I'm 17 and rather dissapointed with that fact, but I'd still like to see this.
Partly because Katherine Harris babysat my brothers decades ago. They turned out okay regardless. yikes.


Katherine Harris babysat my brothers decades ago

Oh wow. Just... wow.

But yeah, Kassie, you (and your brothers!) should totally watch it. The movie does a remarkable job of detailing those 36 days where the country really started to go seriously pear-shaped.

David Adler

DJA, you feel old? I vividly remember Gerald Ford becoming president.

Yeah, I too liked Recount a lot - that is, it made me ill. Don't you love how the Republicans crusading against nonexistent "voter fraud" (read: Democratic turnout) are the same people who perpetrated the worst case of electoral tampering in our time?

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