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17 May 2008



I have been asked to post the following comment, written by Anthony J. Agostinelli:

Bob Florence who died today was unique among composers, arrangers and players. He was one who could reach into one's soul to find those areas which would respond nobly to his music. He touched me -- even during his clinics when he evoked from musicians and students alike, a sharpened response to their own talents -- he would spring lose from innermost places of those who were present with him. A New Jersey friend adored him -- sent him packages of Italian food from Hoboken...another friend would swear by his every musical offering saying, 'no one, but no one, does anything like that!' I would sit in awe as he quietly and solemnly would wend his way through some music...he was in his own musical world, yet sensitive to those around him, giving them what they needed to soar -- often beyond where they had ever been before. Bob Florence did that to us -- as few others in our lifetime can or will.

I remember an occasion, when he snuck up on ARTISTRY IN RHYTHM at one of his performances...he unleashed such emotion within me that I cried unabashedly.

Bob Florence, I will miss your being present among us...God will enjoy your presence with Him.

May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

cbj smith

Like you, Darcy, I knew him through our email communications (and through his charts and recordings, of course) but never actually even heard his voice, but I won't miss him any the less for that. Ingrid and Anthony, those were beautiful words. Thank you.

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