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23 May 2008


M. C-

i'm singing hallelujah. hope you're having a good day, and the fishes are well fed.

Andrew Durkin

Happy happy!

Frank J. Oteri

We were definitely aware of and saddened by Moog's passing but for some reason the database entry was never updated and for some equally inane reason I also missed your blogpost about this matter last year. We have a few conscientious readers who send me email reminders about stuff like this and it's extremely helpful. (I usually update errata the same day if I can.) It takes a village (as folks said back in the '90s when this database was first created) to maintain a birthday list of this size, as you might well imagine ;) Happy birthday!

cbj smith

Happy... um... must be your eighteenth birthday? 8-) Keep on writing!

The newmusicbox also had trombonist Al Grey still alive yesterday, eight years after his passing. I sent a note along.

I met Al Grey at an IAJE convention (also late and lamented) a few years before his passing. He was a lot shorter than he sounded on the recordings. There's a live recording of the Basie Band playing April In Paris where is BURYING the entire band, and apparently leading the laid-backness of the phrasing, too. This must have been the only group other than the rock band Chicago where the trombonist led the brass.

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