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02 June 2008



Thanks for commenting on the marathon. I arrived around 12:30, during what I believe was Signal playing Reich's Daniel Variations. The first full piece I heard was Dreyblatt's Resonant Resolutions, which like you, I found stiff and unfortunately dispassionate.

As the place cleared out, I managed to find a seat in the front center section, just in front of the transverse aisle. I too wanted to enjoy Stimmung, but I was fighting off sleep at 6 am. It may have had something to do with the fact that I brought a few drinks with me (gin dumped into orange juice), and perhaps should have had a coffee instead.

Hottest female performers (from the 2nd half of the marathon): Dark-haired violinist from Contact Ensemble (also the pianist looked good, but I couldn't see her well), pianist from Nikel Ensemble (again, it was hard to see her well), and the three female vocalists joining Toby Twining--especially the red-haired one on the end. There were others, too, whom I can't recall at the moment, probably a violist or someone.



Did you happen to notice if anyone in AWS, particularly in the string section, was wearing an incredibly stylish t-shirt during the performance of Revolution #9?



Hi James,

Indeed -- I ran into the lovely and talented John Pickford Richrads on my way back from my sandwich run. He is the first person I have ever encountered wearing a Secret Society t-shirt "in the wild." Needless to say, I was immensely flattered.

Jonathan Crane

Thanks for the kind comments about the hartt bass band. There actually was a little pizz. I was playing it! you probably could not hear it since I was the only one. I wish we could have done it with better click track, but it was very last minute, the final click track arrived that morning!


Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the correction! I just knew when I wrote there was no pizz. that there was probably actually a little pizz. in there somewhere.

Obviously, I did not mean to imply that the click track problem was your fault! Just that next time, someone should really hook you guys up with in-ear monitors to avoid that click bleed.


Thanks for the great rundown. I was there for the whole show, and I think your reviews are pretty darn spot-on.

Just to fill in your one food break (I took a few as well!) -- I found the Bora Yoon piece quite a mesmerizing experience. Expected it to be a bit gimmicky (playing melodies on cell phones, etc.), but it ended up being quite magical. I think it definitely helped that Bora can really sing -- it made her lilting around the stage singing through the gramophone that much more lovely.

Loved your 27-hour review last year -- can't wait to hit up your blog again next year.



Thank you for your incisive and insightful comments on the 'problem of the groove' in your mention of SIGNAL above. It was absolutely dead-on; a solid expression of a very real yet often ignored problem in our current musical culture.

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