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28 July 2008



There are alot of people here in this little town in Germany called Aalen where Hiram Bullock had been performing at the Jazzfest since 1994 who are sad to here this news.
I am very thankful to have had the priviledge of meeting and photographing him on several occasions since 2001 at the Prague show.
This is an absolute shock.
He was definitely the coolest!

David Adler

I saw him at Berklee with Carla Bley's band in the mid 80s - he did one of his trademark solos from the balcony. I also saw him on a pay phone on University Place a few years later, visibly drugged out beyond belief. Very very sad.


I'm very saddened by Bullock's death as well as his addiction (which I was unaware of before). He dropped by The Rex jam session once while I was there - drummer Mark Adam looked at me and said, "Just follow the guitar player!" We did a really funky version of "Summertime" and Bullock played well, but it was so loud I could hardly hear myself. David Virelles went up after me (we were both still in our teens at this point) and played the crap out of "A Night in Tunisia" with Bullock. One of my best Rex jam memories. He'll be missed.

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