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07 August 2008


Ellen Gerstein

Thanks for taking the time to blog about Spectacle! That had to have been an amazing evening. I went to the taping before Smokey with Elvis and The Police, and I have to say it was as if I died and had gone to musical heaven. I can't wait to see the finished versions of both of our shows and hear more great stories from Mr. Robinson.

If you are interested, I recap the Elvis/Police show here.


Scott Burton

Sounds like an amazing show for reals. This is only slightly related...but one time in Baltimore my brother ran into Elvis Costello. He was walking down the street and Mr. Costello got out of a car just in time to run directly into my brother! Good Times.


I got to see the taping of that show when Elvis was interviewing Tony Bennett earlier this year. And I got to hear Smokey live at Coney Island a few weeks ago. So much good stuff going on...

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