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02 September 2008



aw, c'mon. I'm clearly no fan, but to take the woman up on her daughter being pregnant (in ALASKA?) and a 22-years-ago failed breathalyser test (in ALASKA?? OMFG!) -- That's pretty darn petty, don't you think? I mean, just how squeeky clean is everyone around here? Louis Armstrong served time for possession. I turned right on a red-light once, despite the signage.

Let's not descend to the tactics of the Dark Side, because the Ends do not justify the means.


Not all of the revelations are relevant -- I'm more concerned about her ties to Jack Abramoff's lobbyists, myself -- but the fact that the McCain campaign is only finding out about this stuff at the same time as everyone else is a stunning indictment of their campaign. McCain was apparently told (by who, I wonder?) that he "couldn't have" either of his preferred choices, Lieberman and Ridge, so he just rolled the dice on a woman who a week ago wasn't on the short list, a woman he'd met just once and knew absolutely nothing about. What the hell kind of judgement is that?

And "dark side" -- come on, now. The Obama campaign has been quite happy to stand on the sidelines and let the McCain people hang themselves on this. The press is being aggressive, for once, but in a free society, the press is supposed to be aggressive. McCain's protestations to the contrary, there's nothing unfair about the media vetting Palin's getting.

Matt Marks

Ha, yeah it's funny what a week can bring. I remember being worried a week ago that McCain's VP pick would crush any bump in the polls from the Democratic Convention. Now people are crying Eagleton all over again!
It's funny, they were so vicious and tactful in the weeks leading up to this...
Btw, this all is making GREAT Daily Show material, the show's been off the hook the last few days.


Let's not misunderestimate Palin. Again, for me, the real story is that McCain doesn't call the shots in his own campaign -- somebody else evidently overruled McCain on what is traditionally a would-be president's first executive decision -- his/her Veep choice. So McCain and his team were caught flat-footed on all of this stuff. But there's probably a reason why whoever is actually wearing the pants in this campaign is so gung-ho for her.

The "Eagleton" stuff is amusing, but obviously there's no way. He's had her forced down his throat and now he's got to take her all the way.

If you'll excuse the disgusting metaphor.


I had a horrible thought on all this: What if the McCain campaign is a set-up? I've seen it happen before, and given the state of the US economy that's going so under-reported these days, what if the whole point of their strategy is to get Obama elected ... so he's caught holding the bag when the fan gets hit? Far fetched? I remember the Ontario provincial elections where Bob Rae's NDP won a surprise "victory for the Left" only to be greeted on inauguration by a whopping debt that had 'somehow' gone un-noticed. Sure enough, not only was Rae completely discredited for "bad government" even by the labour unions who had put him there, but Ontario was so pavlov'd by the whole thing that the NDP hasn't had even a ghost's chance of any sort of voice ever since.

Like I said, it was a horrible thought.


Conspiracy theories are unnecessary. Believe me, McCain isn't trying to lose, and the election shows every sign of being extremely close.

And of course if Obama wins he will be blamed for all of the problems the previous administration created. That's politics.

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