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05 September 2008


David Adler

Obama's campaign emails immediately fired back at the community organizing diss, the very same night - but yes, I agree, they should continue to hang it around the GOP's neck and in a more public way in the coming weeks.


Hi David,

Yeah, I know, I got that email from the Obama campaign. It's weak sauce. It reads:

"Throughout our history, ordinary people have made good on America's promise by organizing for change from the bottom up. Community organizing is the foundation of the civil rights movement, the women's suffrage movement, labor rights, and the 40-hour workweek. And it's happening today in church basements and community centers and living rooms across America."

True, of course. But defensive, long-winded, and boooo-ring (i.e., how the Dems usually respond).

Compare to:

"Maybe if everyone had more houses than they can count, we wouldn’t need community organizers."

Dude -- that's how you counterpunch. The Obama campaign should immediately hire John Raskin.

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