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05 October 2008


Mwanji Ezana

As I commented on Facebook, congratulations, I look forward to hearing it. Song to record:

An all-singing, all-dancing "Perils of Empire", with a new final section that is happy or sad depending on what happens in November.


There's nothing wrong with labels per-se, and by the sounds of it, this is one of the good ones. I've been encouraged lately by a rise in whole-systems thinking labels rising up around new big-band, with orgs like Butch Morris and NuBlu or the Sonar Kollectiv to name just two. These new orgs know how to leverage the new media, and they understand that while maybe no one is ever going to be The Next Beatles, they can fill out their catalog and pad the revenue stream with a wide variety of things, tours, subset ensembles, videos and ...

Now this may raise some ire and send some into shock or a run for the door, but I think these labels also need to do some artist-mining in the way of remixes. There's nothing evil or unprecidented in this. Teo Macero greatly remixed Miles and 'Trane to make them into a hot commodity, even the Beatles never recovered from the loss of George Martin. It is a simple fact that records are not the same thing as the music you play live, they are fundamentally different media, so if someone knows how to "make a record" using your sound as source, I don't see as there's anything wrong with letting their work paying your mortgage, provided you get your due from them.

Macero famously received phonecalls from players who recognized their lines but couldn't recall the session, or received royalties for recordings they never heard before, and they were right: What we call "Miles Davis" was very often a Teo Macero remix culled from many sessions, and there's no question, the money was good. I don't know if your new label has such plans, but I am saying they might want to consider it, as should the artists. Lee Scratch Perry built a whole global genre industry doing it this way, the new-jazz folks can too (and several are).


First of all...YAY. I'm so excited for you and this record
Secondly, I am a strong advocate for Zeno


Hey Kass,

Thanks! So far, the three tunes on the short list are "Transit," "Habeas Corpus" and "Zeno" (plus the two new tunes I'll be premiering at the Jazz Gallery). That leaves us with two more possible choices.


Can't wait to hear the new tunes!
oh and uh...Drift? no pressure.


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