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01 November 2008


cbj smith

Hmm, well, I wasn't so impressed. That they got through the vetting process, yes, that was something, and there were a few nice touches, but I thought the whole thing could have been a little better constructed. There were a few rapid (and insulting!) phrases purely in French that she was sure to miss, and the names of the Canadian prime minister and Quebec premier were glossed over so quickly that even I might have missed them over the phone with that "oot-rajee-us Frennsch acCENT" (Monty Python fanservice there). The invitation to go hunting was my favourite, also the reference to the Hustler parody video (did she know what he was talking about?) and I thought she handled the references to sex with his wife very graciously.

I would think that the point of one of these things is not to pass for the President, but rather to push the boundaries of satire so hard that eventually the target catches on. How far can one go before the target closes it down? I bet it could have gotten a LOT funnier that way, especially since she didn't seem to be paying all that close attention. As it was, she actually didn't come off all that badly (Look at me, defending Palin! Next I'll be going to bat for Stephen Harper!)


Hi Chris,

Let me get this straight -- your problem with this prank is that the "Justiciers masqués" did not go far enough?

The beauty of this phone call is that they eventually had to take pity on her and break down and tell her that she was being pranked, because it became apparent that no matter how outrageous they got, Palin wasn't going to figure it out on her own.

Also, I really don't think the problem here was that she wasn't really listening -- although that alone would be damning enough, if she actually thought she had a foreign head of state (a NATO ally, even) on the line but couldn't be bothered to give him her full attention.

cbj smith

Yup, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

This is old now, but THIS is how political pranking is done! (Rick Mercer, Talking to Americans, gets several high-ranking government officials including G.W. Bush, along with some ordinary americans.)


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