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06 November 2008



Oh my God that's AWFUL!! Please keep us update as you hear more info! He will definitely be in my thoughts...

John Guari

I heard about this yesterday afternoon. Terrible news. Hopefully his physical therapy will go well. If not, well, I'm sure he'll find some way to play. Django did, right?

Philippe Derenne

Give us some knews when it's possible, and how I can help financially.
Thank you, Philippe from Paris

Ken Burden

Mark is my cousin and I love him very much. I remember when Mark first started to play the Sax and he was hard to listen to. Now he is a pro and love his music. I will pray every night until I hear he is back.

Fabrizia Barresi

Definitely, there's a whole bunch of musicians here in Paris (France) who are praying too for Mark's health and music, and who will help if he needs us to. Just let us know! All the good vibes possible in unisson with the rest of the Musical Family all over the world...

Lloyd Ferguson

Now you are back!!!!
I can't wait to hear you perform live.
Good luck.

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