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12 December 2008



my music for Secret Society essentially comes out of me imagining what a jazz big band would sound like in an alternate reality where big bands were still widely popular (instead of a curious anachronism), and where jazz was still on speaking terms with other musical genres.

Ah. I was wondering what the "steampunk" connection was...

cbj smith

Yup. We're as geeky a bunch of misfits as the Dungeons and Dragons Club in a suburban high school, except on occasion we get the girl (or boy.) It only has to happen once, though, and we can make it stick...


Big band jazz qualifies as Top 40s pop by comparison with all-electronic live microtonal music. Yeah, I'll see your obscurity, and raise you 500.


Hi mclaren,

Not to get into the obscurity Olympics and all that, but let me suggest this test. Net time you go to a party, tell people you are a musician who does all-electronic live microtonal music. Then, at the next party, tell people you compose big band music. Let me know which response gets you more action.

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