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19 December 2008


cbj smith

Wow, Bob AND Clark play left-handed! I never knew! ;-)


You can see why the photographer reversed the image, though. The composition is much better that way.

cbj smith

That must be some artsy graphic artist/photographer/painter thing. Kind of like, you know, those muso types who claim to "hear" the difference between all those different guitar chords, and even put in a fourth note from time to time? 8-)

Frankly, though, I don't see it, but I'll take your word for it. The pain I feel from seeing the instruments reversed completely overwhelms any slight improvement on the composition, assuming I could see the improvement to start with.

cbj smith

Sorry to have reduced the commentary on such a great and influential man to such a stupid issue. One should never drink and post. I should have said something like, "Yes, Bob gave all us "jazz" composers permission to write outside the jazz canon" or "Bob is one of the most brilliant arrangers to have put pen to paper" or "Bob pointed out to an entire generation (or two!) what was possible when most of us were dancing around in circles." Guys like him do not come around very often, and I was harping on a dumb decision by some non-musician layout artist for a record company.

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