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19 January 2009


Richard Kamins

16 months ago,my wife and I attended a conference in Memphis,2 blocks from the Lorraine Motel (where Dr. King was assassinated.) The scars of the riots that followed his death were still visible (a main shopping area that has not really recovered) but one could also see the changes. We visited the King museum, listened to the speeches, saw the pictures and relived that horrible time when both Dr.King and Bobby Kennedy died. At one point, it sunk in that this was a history I had lived through, watched on the television, read in the newspapers and heard from teachers and friends who had gone down South to march or to help rebuild in the wake of the riots.
Much has changed but still more needs to be done.
Thanks for the writing and the links.


I actually lived through that ugly shite, and Nixonland nails it. Nixon and his slimeballs attained and held power by setting Americans at one another's throats, literally by goading them into killing each other.

The lynch mob frenzy wasn't just limited to anti-black hate. It was much larger than that. The history of the 1960s has been almost completely rewritten and whitewashed and the most evil mass murderers and genocidal hatemongers of that period have been morphed into kindly wizened policy "experts" consulted with fawning reverence on network TV until they started to die off in the 80s and 90s.

Here's a true story that sums up the shark-attack blood lust of the sixties:

Four months before the Kent State massacre, Ronald Reagan proclaimed in a speech, "If it takes a blood bath, let's get it over with," openly urging the murder of anti-war protesters.

When the unarmed students at Kent State got shot down like dogs four months later, Reagan laughed, claiming it was "a joke."

The evening after the Kent State I tuned into a local radio station in Southern California to listen to a talk show where callers were supposed to phone in and discuss this crisis. Even though I was a little kid at the time, I was deeply worried about the country. America seemed to be coming apart.

As soon as the callers started phoning in, they praised the murder of the protestors. "They needed to kill a lot more of those hippies creeps," one caller exulted. "Those commies got what was coming to them," said another caller. "We should kill 'em all. Kill all those filthy hippies until there are none of 'em left!"

As caller after caller urged the widening of the massacre at Kent State, calling for more groups to be gunned down by the National Guard (not just hippies but women's lib demonstrators, liberals, everyone who disagreed with the Nixon administration on any issue), the lymph froze in my glands.

I began to realize that I was listening to parents calling for the murder of their own children.

And it went on...and on...and on.

You want to know where the fascist police state we now live in came from? How can the TSA grab pregnant women and wrestle them to the ground? How can police taser a driver into agonized unconsciousness during a routine traffic stop for failing to produce a drivers license quickly enough?

The sixties. That's why. All the evil that's going on now started then. The frenzied hate in the red states first boiled up then, when police went berserk the day after Kent State and filled a women's dormitory at Jackson State University with hundreds of bullet holes and murdered 2 unarmed Jackston State students in a hail of gunfire (everyone knows about Kent State, but almost no one knows about Jackson State, probably because the students in Jackson State shot down by the police were black while the murdered Kent State students happened to be white).

Today, of course, history has been rewritten to paint Nixon as a "great diplomat" and Ronald Reagan as a kindly wise elder statesman who won the Cold War...instead of the murderous sociopathic amoral manipulators they actually were, a pair of sadistic psychopaths who cynically goaded Americans into killing one another in order to advance their own political careers.

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