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13 March 2009


cbj smith

Whoa! What is this doing on the COMEDY network? Serious stuff, and I though Cramer was about to cry by the time they got to the 10 minute mark in the second reel. I know I would have in his position...

BTW, Canadian internauts can find this on The Comedy Network. Anglo-saxon vulgarities are, of course, redacted (we are, on the whole, a polite and reserved bunch, aren't we, Darcy?)


EXACTLY. I've noticed threads about this on other blogs get into talking about Stewart being on his high horse about the financial crisis and Cramer is a jerk but not the worst and blah blah. Totally missing the point. Stewart is not actually covering the financial crisis here. He's exposing the news media's total failure with regard to the financial crisis.

It's kind of sad that we need a show to relentlessly expose the news media, but our mainstream press just doesn't deserve the moniker "free" anymore.

I love how some people get uncomfortable when they realize Stewart is being serious. Don't these people realize that the best comedy is serious business?


To me it sounds like Cramer is trying to make a case that his friends misled him. Isn't this the biggest problem with todays journalism, that journalists think that their 'friends' are the ones that they've built connections with to get their info, when its usually these 'friends' that are precisely the ones that need to be reported about. Journalists lose their objectivity to get the inside scoop and end up getting duped. Its easier to have contacts that give you tips than to do some real investigative journalism.

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